LEFT: Juana with Puppy Roscoe soon after his reascue in 2007;
RIGHT: Pat with Angel, her first "official" rescue in 1993. (Photo from DMN article 1997.)

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Juana's letter to contributors written from the heart 7/7/2016.






"Gimme Shelter Band" - CD#1 Jacket - plus- links to 3 sets played at Coconut Island 5/14/16.


"Gimme Shelter Band" - CD#2 Jacket - plus- links to 4 sets played at Coconut Island 7/3/16.










First 10 Songs of First Set for Coco's 7/3/16 - All originals but the first song, "Gimme Shelter."


Latest version of "Gimme Shelter" - 7/1/16


Straydog.org's "Gimme Shelter Band" - Partial Song List -prior to 5/14/16 - OLD