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Lacie comforts Diesel as the sedative begins to kick in. After a bit we were able to give him his vaccinations. What a chore, but we were successful, and Diesel got his necessary shots and has recovered fine from the ordeal.   MONDAY October 20 2014 10 p.m. CT USA

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Click here for our Straydog Radio Show covering the first part of the Golf Tournament.

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which determined the winners of our Straydog Raffle

 4th Annual Straydog Golf Tournament
A Big Success! - Linda's report to post soon!
Straydog Helicopter Golf-Ball-Drop Raffle
1st Prize: $2,000 bank card

Ball #320 is the closest-ball winner, bought and won by Dr. Patricia Peebles,
who donated back $1,000 of her $2,000 prize to Straydog.


2nd Prize: $1,000 bank card

Ball #917 is the ball-farthest-from-the-pin winner, bought and won by Waltraud and Alfred Sumi of Sugarland, Texas, who donated their winnings back to Straydog. Many, many thanks!



Click here to listen to the Straydog Radio Show PART I, covering the early morning events at the 4th Annual Straydog Golf Tournament where five of our Straydog doggies (Spenser, Gina, Bug, Rosie and Puppy Jerry) greeted the golfers and friends as they arrived at Twin Lakes Golf Course in Canton, Texas. Juana and Bill also announce on the show that a couple drove all the way to our golf tournament just to meet and hopefully adopt Spenser, and Spenser will be going to their home for a home visit this coming Wednesday!














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