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It’s a Puppy Palooza!

We’ve got 10 happy and healthy puppies who are in need of loving families to take them home!

Klaus, Davina, Raja and Marcel are 4 siblings who had a rough start in life. One of our employees found them dumped like trash in a ditch, so skinny and thirsty. They are safe and happy now at the shelter. These sweet little 2 month old babies are looking for families who will show them what love is.



J.J, Chester, Heidi, Keta, Ruger and Jiffy are 6 siblings who were found starving and having to fend for themselves to find food. They are now 11-month old puppies who love all people and get along great with other dogs.

Our puppies are growing up fast! Contact us and schedule a visit to come meet them at the shelter!

Dog of the Week

Meet J.J! J.J. is an 11 month old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who we rescued with 5 of his siblings. They were all starving and having to survive on very little food. J.J. is now a healthy and happy puppy who loves all people and other dogs. He would love to have a family with kids to grow up with. Come out to the shelter and meet this sweet boy!


Join Our Mission: To rescue and rehabilitate homeless and abandoned dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a caring, loving home; and to act as a sanctuary for those dogs who are never adopted.

Our supporters change the lives of abandoned and abused dogs. Our work is fueled by our mission – and your compassion.

Attention: It is against Texas law to dump or abandon animals. Due to recent instances of abandonment, our property is now under surveillance.


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