Where can I meet your adoptable dogs?
We hold an adoption event every weekend and on many special occasions. Please check our adoption calendar and meet us there. It is also possible to visit our shelter to view all of our dogs. Or you can very easily contact us via email or call.
How can I donate to Straydog?
You can donate online on our website, send us a check via mail, call in a credit card donation, donate through Facebook, shop to support at Kroger, Tom Thumb, Amazon Smile, or remember Straydog in your estate and memorial planning.
What does Straydog need in addition to financial support?
We need volunteers, fosters, in-kind donations, and people to share the word about our mission with others.
Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs are either homeless and abandoned. Some are abandoned in vacant homes, left at veterinarian offices, surrendered to us because the family can no longer care for them, surrendered due to illness, or death of the owners.
How is Straydog different from other shelters?
We are a no-kill rescue and sanctuary. We rescue and rehabilitate homeless and abandoned animals in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a loving home. We act as a sanctuary for those dogs who are never adopted. All dogs receive necessary medical care in addition to being spayed, neutered, and treated for heartworms. All dogs are kept in an indoor or large outdoor shelter with another compatible dogs depending on age and health conditions. All of our dogs receive daily walks and quality time with the caregivers including petting, brushing, ball playing, hugs, and treats.

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