On the morning of March 9th, our pack leader Juana Arnold got a heartbreaking text from a long-time friend who had found an abandoned German Shepherd puppy on a backroad:

”… I stopped just now on my way from school. I just picked him up. I don’t know what to do.. he’s starving. Nobody goes down that backroad so I think he would have starved to death or gotten eaten. I think he was a pup to a breeder and they just didn’t want him… his whole body reeked of urine like he’s been kenneled.”


Juana asked her friend to bring the pup in to our vet clinic for a check up and vaccines. She asked if she had thought about names. Her friend’s response was this: “I’d like to name him Chance if that’s okay. Since he got another chance at life.”

So Chance it is…a beautiful Shepherd pup about 4 months old. He’s super sweet and not shy. He has hookworms, typical of pups, but he got his first round of shots and will go back in two weeks. He is getting plenty of food, water, and most importantly — LOVE. Before you know it, this little guy will be a whole new pup.