Colt is a very special pup. He was born deaf and with no eyes. He was surrendered at a vet to be euthanized but, luckily, a rescue was able to take him in. With the rescue having no experience with this type of special need, Straydog’s fearless Shelter Director, Juana Arnold, immediately stepped up to provide Colt with the love, care and special attention he needed.  One of her very own pets was also blind and deaf so Colt learned to “live life” with special needs alongside his new friend until he was ready to join his family of pups at Straydog Shelter & Sanctuary.

With 2 of the 5 major senses absent in his life, Colt collectively uses what is available to him. In the words of a Straydog caregiver, “Colt doesn’t let his inability to hear or see hinder him from carrying out a flawless, daily routine. With his sense of smell, he’s able to walk to the door and down the ramp to the park with very little to no issue. Even more amazing is his ability to smell you from the opposite side of the park. As soon as his nose picks up your scent, he’s headed your way with tail wagging ready to play. Watching Colt on his journey to the park, you realize his reliance on his sense of touch. As soon as his paws land on the concrete at the bottom of the ramp, he immediately takes a right turn knowing the vast open park awaits him. Surely, Colts ability to use his sense of touch will touch your heart and aid you in deciding whether or not to adopt a rescue. It’s a gift that will never stop giving.”

In a perfect world, all our babies would be adopted. In Colt’s case, Straydog is his perfect world so far. Since birth we’ve loved and cared for him endlessly despite his disabilities. He’s comfortable, he’s loved, and if need be he has a forever home.