As we head into the hot and relentless days of summer, Straydog finds itself over capacity because of many recent rescues. With businesses re-opening, some who adopted pets during the pandemic are now dumping them at vet clinics and rescues, like Straydog, or just abandoning them to fend for themselves. Recently, we also rescued several dogs from a large hoarding situation. In addition to the regular intake costs, many of these dogs require extended medical care and much needed socialization before they are available for adoption. 

Our focus during the “Dog Days of Summer” is to fund ongoing, required medical care to ensure adoptions of our many sweet dogs that are currently available. We are looking for “unicorn” adopters who want a wonderful family member such as these:

  • Adult/Senior dog
  • Dog that wants to be the only fur baby in the home
  • One that needs a little patience to settle into a new environment
  • Two dogs that need to be adopted together

We are offering a promotion of 50% off the regular adoption fee (applicable to the adoption of any dog through September 18th). The more dogs we adopt into loving and caring homes, the more we can save from a life of being unwanted, abandoned and neglected. To learn more, click on a pup below wanting you to take a chance on them!

If you can’t adopt, please consider supporting them through our Sponsor-A-Straydog opportunity.