Longtime friend of Straydog, Frankie Burget, learned that her friends were planning a mini-vacation to the Cedar Creek area and she couldn’t wait to share Straydog with the Lock family. She suggested they arrange a visit to the campus.

Of course, our doggies love visitors! The puppies especially enjoy all the good hugs and attention they get. When the Lock family and friends arrived the doggies certainly enjoyed plenty of attention. Three adults and six teenagers created a great mid-day diversion at the shelter.

The visitors were amazed at the organization of the shelter, the size of the kennels, the preparation of the dog food and the care and love the doggies all receive no matter what. They have visited other shelters in the past and said they had never seen anything like Straydog.

During the visit, they saw firsthand what sets Straydog apart from other organizations. During their tour, Caregiver Brandy discovered that since breakfast just a few hours prior, MJ had been limping and her right front paw was swollen. Brandy immediately contacted Juana by radio for more review. Juana examined MJ’s paw and realized there were a few scratches and cuts that were very tender and obviously causing MJ some pain. Immediately, Juana moves MJ to the H-3 building where Juana looks closer, then cleans and administers medication. MJ remained in H-3 until the scratches were healed and it was safe for her to join Chubbs back in their regular kennel.

This is a wonderful account of the special care and attention that every dog receives. The Straydog Mission will always provide for the needs of the dogs!