Nadia is the sweetest and strongest dog you’ll ever meet and she just recently gave birth to 9 beautiful, healthy puppies. However, Nadia’s journey to motherhood has not been an easy one. She was rescued from a life of abuse by our long-time contributor and volunteer Joe and his son John. She came to us with her ears cut off, her body cut up, used as a bait dog, and for breeding. This sweet and traumatized girl was found very pregnant and in immediate need of care while waiting to deliver her puppies.

Despite everything she’s been through, Nadia still manages to be the most loving dog. In the supportive care of our staff here at Straydog, her wounds were tended to and she was brought back to health, wagging her tail and giving kisses.

On December 29th, Nadia delivered 9 perfect puppies. It was a difficult delivery and she had to be taken to our vet in the middle of the night by the night staff. The first puppy, whom we have named Angelica, was stuck in the birth canal but delivered alive by the vet. Nadia stayed at the vet office until she delivered all 9 healthy puppies. Our President and Shelter Director Juana brought her home at 1 am because she was very anxious about being in a new environment. Nadia has a litter of 5 boys and 4 girls, all safe and thriving here at Straydog.

Now, Nadia’s ears are healing up from where they were previously, brutally cut off. She is doing so well, and loving on her puppies every second. She is the most loving and sweet mama. To have been through so much pain and be as caring and tender as she is speaks volumes about her instincts and personality. Her litter is full of funny and sweet personalities! They have wonderful dispositions, just like her.

Nadia’s story is a reminder that even the most abused and traumatized animals can still have a chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

For over 25 years this is the work Straydog has done and now we enter another year, ready to provide our signature care and sanctuary. Please support Nadia and her 9 healthy puppies as she heals and they grow!