In early January, Juana’s son called from Morton’s Small Animal Vet Clinic where he is employed.

“Mom, the sheriff brought in a beautiful Great Dane who they thought was dead on the side of a county road.”

Some neighbors had called the sheriff, alerting them to a large animal on the road with buzzards swarming around. As the sheriff was trying to get the buzzards away, he realized the dog was still alive but extremely weak due to a large gun wound on his leg. He picked up Onyx and took him to Morton’s.

Straydog took Onyx in when no one else would or could. The vet on duty, Dr Gilkerson, offered to take him in while she nursed his wounds and put some meat on his bones. She provided tender loving care to Onyx until he made his way to Straydog on February 11th. He is doing wonderfully and gaining weight bit by bit.

Onyx loves other children but is not particularly fond of other dogs. He does great with a routine and is now eating 3 cups of food per day!